Wimmer Solutions Diversity Report 2020

Our Mission:

To enable growth and success for high-potential professionals and industry-leading clients through quality, sense of urgency and world-class service.

"Getting added perspectives from a more diverse group of people makes a more comprehensive problem solving set."

At Wimmer, we strive for inclusion and accountability. A diverse workforce is a robust workforce creating space for innovation and leadership. 

By pulling back the curtain and shining the light on our diversity initiatives, we aim to show our commitment to dialogue, transparency, and collaboration.

With this approach, we believe that our clients win, our employees win, our partners win, and our community wins.

Matt Sauri, Founder & CEO



Wimmer Solutions is committed to improving our hiring processes with a more dedicated focus on diversity and inclusion practices. We ensure that our position descriptions and job postings are inclusive and appeal to a broad audience. We believe these efforts are vital to help us attract and build a more diverse workforce. 



Wimmer Solutions thinks of its workers and clients as family. We want our practices to help create safe and enjoyable workspaces and interactions. In following up with retention data, we can get a better idea of what we need to do to better our space and help our family feel more at home for many years to come. 



Wimmer Solutions is committed to creating an inclusive work environment where a diverse workforce creates new definitions of success. Individuals are respected for their contributions toward our company objectives. The skills and talents of our diverse workforce drive our performance. We strive for an inclusive work environment across all levels that reflects the communities we serve.


*Benchmark Source - EEOC 2018 for Washington


Wimmer Solutions

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